From Your Personal Shopper in London: Privilege Lounge, the world’s most selective online boutique


PRIVILEGE LOUNGE is more than a lifestyle brand and much more than a simple e-commerce website; it is a Personal Buyer and

a unique  Luxury Lifestyle partner delivering customized service experiences to its valued members, the most exclusive products and luxury services to HNWI.

By entering PRIVILEGE LOUNGE members get access to luxury products and services researched by us and to the most exclusive

shopping and luxury lifestyle experiences available internationally and on the web.

Members can become so either by invitation or by applying for a waitlist to be approved by the Privilege Lounge Management Staff.


As Privilege Lounge is a members only website, no one but the selected Members can view the featured brands, their products and their price details.

“At Privilege Lounge, we claim to be different from any other e-commerce website: what we offer is an exclusive worldwide buying service

for a discerning VIP clientele managed by our Luxury Lifestyle Consultants and Personal Shoppers, who have an active role in the process

of selecting the luxury products and services to be featured online to our valued Members, thus presenting them to our élite clientele.”

PRIVILEGE LOUNGE is the ultimate Luxury Shopping Club, with a members only restricted access.

Members can become so either by invitation or by applying for a waitlist to be approved by the Privilege Lounge Management Staff.

  • The PRESTIGE membership, at a yearly fee of Euro  240.00, will give direct access to selected and exclusive luxury products  and services made available  in just a click.  (access to  VIP Lounge is not included).
  • The ELITE membership, at a yearly fee of Euro  1500.00, will give direct access to the VIP Lounge and to selected luxury  products and   exclusive services.
  • The VIP membership, offered  to a maximum of 300 members worldwide, at a yearly fee of Euro 14,000.00, is the key opening all the doors to PRIVILEGE LOUNGE. The VIP Membership gives access to a customized and personalized individual assistance with the special attention of a DEDICATED PERSONAL SHOPPER/STYLIST who will personally take care of every step needed in the buying process, from selecting luxury items, gift and outfits, to submitting them to the member and completing the buying process so that everything will be sent from the manufacturer/seller directly.


In the VIP LOUNGE Personal Shoppers will select the different products and create total looks and outfits for Privilege Lounge members.

Fashion Services

  • – The dedicated personal shopper/image consultant, who will create  outfits and will go shopping on customer’s behalf;
  • – Exclusive Fashion Pre-Orders online;
  • – E-Commerce,  where the complete looks will be available  online;
  • – Video Shopping Service
  • – Specific research on Limited editions and organization of Limited Edition Events;
  • – PRIVILEGE LOUNGE Luxury Fashion Experiences in Milan, Paris, London, Cannes, London, St Tropez, Monte Carlo and Dubai.

Luxury and Lifestyle Services:

  • – Real Estate Specialist, who will research, pre-select and inspect new properties;
  • – Luxury Travels and Events Organizer, providing the most exclusive travel experiences all over the world;
  • – Custom Travel Itineraries Specialist, creating specific and unique travel itineraries
  • – Renting/hiring aircrafts, automobiles, boats and yachts and properties.

Privilege Lounge will be officially launched on January 30th, 2013.


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